Workshops and Classes by Martha Eddy

Eye Yoga – a vision-enhancing class that teaches easy-to-learn relaxation techniques that can help you see and feel better! Learn how simple eye exercises can lead to total body relaxation and how relaxing the body can help vision. Based on Eddy’s work as a body awareness specialist with developmental optometrist Dr. Richard Kavner, these exercises integrate whole body relaxation with activities for stimulating and balancing the eyes.

Dyanamic Embodiment with Children – a class to address developmental issues as they apply to the senses, awareness and attention, including an introductory overview of motor development drawing on perspectives from the work of occupational therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, physiotherapist Irmgard Bartenieff, and child psychologist Dr. Judith Kestenberg. Specific educational and therapeutic activities are explored for application in the classroom, at home, or in therapy sessions.

Infant-Toddler Developmental Check-Ins. Enjoy supporting your infant or toddler’s development by observing and interacting with up-to-date neuro-motor information guided by a developmental movement therapist. Learn holistic parenting/child rearing tips, have motor developmental goals identified for your child, support your child to socialize joyfully and dance with your child, small group sessions (3-6 children with parents/care providers), all babies and toddlers welcome including those with special needs!

Social Play Group and Sport & Brain Game Group. Children come to have fun while practicing new social, physical, and creative development skills. These interactive sessions incorporate creative exploration of movement activity for motor coordination and sensory balance. Social Play emphasizes social skills and non-verbal interaction. The Sport & Brain Game group focuses on academic goals as children focus their attention and energy. Both help to reduce stress and increase stamina and improve physical coordination.

For Workshops and Professional Inservice, contact Dr. Martha Eddy at or call 212-414-2921.

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