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MARTHA EDDY, RSMT, CMA, Ed.D., founder and director of the Center for Kinesthetic Education (CKE), brings to the fields of health, wellness and education, her strong belief in the power of movement and somatic awareness to enhance lives. She received her doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University in movement science and education in 1998 and has a Masters of Arts in Applied Physiology and a Bachelors degree in Dance Education. She was an adjunct assistant professor in the Teachers College, Columbia University Dance Education Program for ten years. She teaches a course for NYC educators and therapists on Conflict Resolution through Movement and Dance through the Dance Education Laboratory in New York City, also affiliated with SUNY-ESC. She has taught conflict resolution, movement, dance, physical and somatic education pedagogy to teachers and to youth in schools, universities, independent studios, and at conferences nationally and internationally. (

As director of CKE, in New York City, she designs movement curricula for diverse needs to support learning and health:

BodyPower – fitness and well-being for teens (piloted in Harlem)

Relax to Focus – 3 – 10 minute whole body exercise regimen for classroom meetings

CKE Dances! – integratve arts programming for classrooms and dance studios

EyesOpenMinds – visual exercises for children drawing on Eye Relaxation, EyeYoga, and Eyeaerobics classes for adults (Time Out New York) that she developed after researching the Bates Method from a somatic perspective, and working as an assistant with Dr Richard Kavner in his developmental optometry office.

Moving On from Cancer and other Moving for Life classes for people with chronic or debilitating conditions (

BodyMind Dancing – somatic dance classes for professionals and non-professionals who like to learn about the body and become attuned bodily through the art of dancing

3D Seated Workout – a 10 minute body awareness routine for office workers and everyone who uses a computer

Participatory Arts Curriculum of Moving On Center with Carol Swann

Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapy Training certification curriculum affiliated with and (

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JEANNE SUGGS, an award-winning Producer/Director, has had her own film and video production company in New York City since 1983.  Through her company Suggs Media Productions, she has produced or directed works for the theatrical, commercial, home video and broadcast markets.

In the advertising field, over the last 20 years, she has developed a unique specialty in direct response advertising.  Her productions have served to generate leads and sell club memberships, continuity programs, magazines and numerous one-time product offers.  Her DR clients include Time-Life, Bookspan, MasterCard, HarperCollins Publishing, The Wall Street Journal, and Disney among others.

In 2007 Jeanne co-produced her first dramatic feature the New York City film, Calling It Quits, starring Dennis Boutsikaris and Robert Clohessy.  She also co-produced a concert feature length film, “Black and Blue” with Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, licensed and distributed by United Artists, plus “Triumph in Concert” for MTV, and “Derringer Rock Concert” distributed by Sony and Pioneer in the home video market.

Jeanne is currently producing and directing Activity Works, a series of 10 minute video and audio educational/exercise programs for first to third graders. Activity Works combines elementary school subject matter and physical exercise to create a kinetic fun learning experience.  Another current project is the documentation of the modern dance technique of Martha Graham. She recently completed collaborative work on Eye Openers, a DVD of innovative eye exercises that help children focus their attention in the classroom.

Jeanne’s directing credits also include a fundraising video for the Tel Aviv Foundation, “The Other War” with Eli Wallace and Anne Jackson, shot on location in Israel, plus other fashion, corporate and recruitment industrials.  Her productions have included such celebrity talents as Mary Tyler Moore, Joan Rivers, David Carradine, Tony Randall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Kathy Lee Gifford.

In the home video market, Jeanne has directed a broad spectrum of instructional tapes on such topics as watercolor, magic, aerobics, sewing, reflexology and modern dance: the award winning documentation of the Lester Horton Modern Dance Technique. She has also produced a 24 part children’s home video series, “Hard Hat Harry’s Real Life Adventures for Kids”, which won 4 Telly awards.

Jeanne has participated in and contributed her skills to a number of public information campaigns.  She produced a PSA “Don’t Make A Baby if You Can’t Be a Father” directed at teen boys.  She directed and produced PSAs in English and Spanish both for TV and radio to alert New York 9/11 workers that the period to register for workers’ compensation had been extended.  She produced a series of spots for the Division of Human Rights in New York State for their anti-bias campaign. For Black History Month she documented the recording of the Black anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. She produced a fund raising presentation for a traveling museum/arts program targeted initially for children traumatized by Katrina to help children cope with disaster.

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BARRY CHIATE is the Executive Producer of “EYE OPENERS are MIND OPENERS” – a program that honors the natural intelligence that we are all born with. He is the President of IMAGE TACTICS, a multimedia production company dedicated to the development of human potentiality by bringing the benefits of VISUAL LITERACY into mainstream education.

Image Tactics is partnering with ALVYN PERLMUTTER, the producer of dozens of PBS classics, including “THE POWER OF MYTH,” to develop programming introducing KAIZEN with DR. ROBERT MAURER to American audiences. KAIZEN is the art of constant improvement and development by taking small steady steps which can unlock creativity and lead to innovation.

Barry Chiate has devoted a lifetime to studying the emerging field of VISUAL EDUCATION – which holds the promise of revolutionizing education as we know it by placing the focus on developing each person’s unique abilities and talents. He wrote an original and ground breaking MA THESIS in 1972 entitled: “TOWARD A THEORY OF VISUAL EDUCATION” at the University of Wisconsin.

Barry comes from and draws on a truly eclectic background: Teaching at the college and public school level – A professional video cameraman with feature film experience – a national VOICE OVER personality and ON CAMERA SPOKESMAN for top national corporations – A published song writer with MOTOWN – A SCREENWRITER with a property attracting major Hollywood attention.

Finally…It is my fervent belief and calling that education is the single most important issue of our times. VISUAL EDUCATION directly accesses human imagination, creativity and potentiality… with a sense of honor, dignity and respect.


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DR. RICHARD KAVNER, Developmental Optometrist and author of Your Child’s Vision, is an adviser to the Eye Openers DVD.


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