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What Others Are Saying:

– Eye Openers are Mind Openers DVD reveals an innovative whole body movement approach to classroom management.

– Eye Openers provides new and tested movement-based classroom management practices grounded in neuroscience. These practices will contribute to teacher, parent and administrator recognition and understanding that movement is essential in creating an optimal learning environment.

– These movement strategies to help young children develop the ability to focus and attend are critical to successful learning.

– Classroom teachers and arts specialists can easily adapt the EyeOpeners movement exercises in a variety of settings. These movement strategies also provide ways for classroom teachers to use movement to connect with their students.

– When students know and practice these exercises they can begin to manage and further develop their own perceptual awareness.

– While there are many approaches to developing the skills needed to develop visual perception, few use whole body movement, as do Dr. Eddy’s strategies demonstrated in Eye Openers are Mind Openers.

From the National Dance Education Organization Resource Reviewer

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Posted November 30, 2011 by eyeopenersdvd

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  1. So glad to see this work exists! I would love to see a clip of the program.

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