What Is Eye Openers?

Eye Openers is a unique program for educators to enhance attention and learning in the classroom using fun, visual activities. This introductory DVD of the Eye Openers curriculum demonstrates how using brain-based eye exercises related to perceptual-motor development helps children to focus while at school. Each segment provides different activities that may be used for:

– Quick interventions in classroom management
– Short educational breaks to help refocus students
– Core concepts and activities for designing full lesson plans
– Professional Development for individuals and groups

Eye Openers Overview
Dr. Martha Eddy introduces Eye Openers

• Eye-Body Visual Skills
• Relaxation for Classroom Management: Palming
• Eye-Hand Coordination: Letter Writing
• Eye-Body Coordination: Quick Shifts of Attention
• Attention Warm-Up: Name Catching
• Posture & Vision: Balance Your Hat
• Filtering Out Distractions
• Shifting Focus Near & Far
• Peripheral Vision: Avoid Bumping
• Addam’s Family Eye Play

Teacher Tips
• Movement Activity Elaborations (a) Freeze Dances (b) Wild Things
• Explaining Visual Skills
• Helpful Supplies
• Eye Opener Connections to Classroom Management Resources

A special thank you to PS 112 in East Harlem for offering both their classroom space and the opportunity to work with the fabulous 1st and 2nd graders.

• • •

Please note: This video is not meant to be in place of medical attention or eyeglasses.

Posted November 30, 2011 by eyeopenersdvd

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